Keynote Speaker - Ernest House


Ernest HouseErnest R. House is a Emeritus Professor in the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Previously, he was at the Center for Instructional Research and Curriculum Evaluation (CIRCE) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He has been a visiting scholar at UCLA, Harvard, and New Mexico, as well as in England, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Austria, and Chile. His primary interests are evaluation and policy analysis. Ernest was a Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford from 1999-2000.

Books authored include Evaluating with Validity (1980), Jesse Jackson and the Politics of Charisma (1988), Professional Evaluation: Social Impact and Political Consequences (1993). He was the 1989 recipient of the Harold E. Lasswell Prize presented by Policy Sciences and the 1990 recipient of the Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award for Evaluation Theory, presented by the American Evaluation Association. He was editor of New Directions in Program Evaluation (1982 to 1985) and columnist for Evaluation Practice (1984-89). Ernest has also authored Schools for Sale (1997); Values in Evaluation and Social Research (with Ken Howe, 1999); Where the Truth Lies, an evaluation novel (2002, online at

Studies include evaluation of the Illinois Gifted Program for the Illinois legislature (1968-1972), assessment of the Michigan Accountability Program for the National Education Association (1974), critique of the National Follow Through Evaluation for the Ford Foundation (1977), audit of the Promotional Gates Program evaluation for the Mayor's Office in New York City (1981), assessment of environmental education policies in Europe for OECD (1992), and evaluation of science, engineering, and technology education programs across federal departments for the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology in Washington (1993). Ernest is currently the Federal Court Monitor for the English Bilingual Settlement in the Denver Public Schools.


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