Workshop #10

Pre-Conference Workshops - May 16th, 2004

Half-Day Afternoon Workshops (#8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

#10 - Getting Published: Strategies for Disseminating Beyond the Evaluation
A half-day, basic/intermediate workshop facilitated by:
J. Bradley Cousins, Ph.D., Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa, & Christian Dagenais, Ph.D., Centre de liaison sur l’intervention et la prevention psychosociales (CLIPP), Montreal QC, Current Editors of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

Many practicing evaluators routinely engage in innovative practice and wish to disseminate their experiences broadly but are hampered by limited experience with the exigencies of the evaluation academic publishing milieu. This bilingual workshop is designed to develop evaluators’ skills in preparing papers, articles, and other documents for potential publication in peer-reviewed and other outlets (e.g., refereed journals, books, professional serial publications). Intended audience members are practicing evaluators and students of evaluation with an interest in publishing evaluation-related work beyond the bounds of specific evaluation contexts.

Participants will develop their understanding of basic strategies, suggestions and advice for:
• Conceptualizing and motivating the problem or focus for inquiry;
• Locating, synthesizing and integrating relevant literature from the evaluation knowledge base;
• Developing an appropriate balance between description of practical evaluation experience and analysis of cross-cutting evaluation issues;
• Developing implications for evaluation practice and/or ongoing inquiry; and
• Highlighting the contribution being made to the professional and/or academic knowledge base.

Workshop participants are invited to bring specific evaluation projects as a basis for reflection and analysis and consideration as a vehicle through which to develop potential publications. Consideration will also be given to developing strategies for planning or implementing systematic inquiry on evaluation processes or consequences (e.g., utilization studies, meta-evaluation). Tips for preparing publishable book reviews will also be shared.


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