Workshop #12

Pre-Conference Workshops - May 16th, 2004

Half-Day Afternoon Workshops (#8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

#12- Web-Based Surveys: A Beginner’s Guide
A half-day, basic workshop facilitated by:
Gerald Halpern, Partner, Fair Surveys Inc., Ottawa ON

This half-day workshop on survey research will cover the topics of: survey-research design; survey process flow; data collection methods (including web carried surveys); question writing; analysis considerations; and interpretation issues. Survey methodology will be reviewed in the light of its constraints and advantages when contrasted to alternative data collection methodologies. The topics will introduce matters of interest to all surveys: scope and purpose; questionnaire development; response population; pre-survey communications; questionnaire format; maximizing response rate; distribution preparations; survey administration; analysis; reporting; client briefings; and client obligations. As well, some of the special topics in web-carried surveys (HTML, bulk mailings, page movements, built-in question blocks and shifts, open-ended questions, data base considerations) will be presented. For all topics, examples will be offered and participants will have opportunities to work through some basic exercises. Participants are encouraged to arrive with concrete issues to be considered and sufficient time will be provided for discussion of issues important to participants. By the end of the workshop, participants will have increased competency as consumers of survey information, purchasers or managers of survey services, and designers or implementers of a survey.


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