Workshop #3

Pre-Conference Workshops - May 16th, 2004

#3 -Performance Planning, Measurement and Reporting in an Era of Continuous Program Review: Expanding Capacity and Methods across Diverse Populations
A full-day, multi-level workshop facilitated by:
Steve Montague, Partner Performance Management Network Inc., Ottawa ON & special guests, Erwin Allerdings, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Bob Friedrich, Canadian Heritage

Various Canadian governments have entered into a time of heightened interest and scrutiny with regard to all public enterprise. The requirements of continuous program review involve building capacity across a diverse set of stakeholders to describe, strategically analyze, plan, measure, report and manage performance. Evaluation tools and approaches can be brought to bare on this situation. Several of these tools will be presented and modeled in this workshop and include:

• Establishing multi-level results chains/ performance frameworks;
• Using a Needs-Results hierarchy to set strategy;
• ‘Umbrella’ or high level Results-based Management and Accountability Frameworks (RMAFs);
• Risk-results analyses;
• Using evaluation issues and approaches to address program review questions; and
• Implementing evaluation strategies across diverse populations.

This workshop will explore the latest in tools and techniques which have evolved to serve the above functions, and will be useful to both experienced and new evaluators alike. It will involve both the sharing of ideas and concepts from traditional evaluation practice, as well as new ideas from the fields of systems thinking, policy analysis, risk management and action research. The presenters will showcase the most promising emerging cases, and will invite participants to engage in hands-on small group work which will allow for further reinforcement of key concepts, practical applications to real situations, and group learning.


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