Workshop #5

Pre-Conference Workshops - May 16th, 2004

Half-Day Morning Workshops (#4, 5, 6, 7)

#5 -On-line Focus Group & Discussion Boards in Program Evaluation
A half-day workshop facilitated by:
Christine Frank, Ph.D., Georgian College, Barrie ON

This workshop will be held at a computer lab on the University of Saskatchewan campus (transportation will be provided between the conference hotel and the campus). The workshop will introduce an exciting technological tool for qualitative research. Workshop participants will learn and experience how to plan, design and execute a qualitative evaluation using an on-line discussion board. They will have the opportunity to apply software by ITracks, a research software developer and consulting firm with its head office in Saskatoon. Workshop registrants will play the role of participants as well as moderators in a live on-line focus group. Examples of past research studies will be used to reinforce the learning. Finally, there will be some discussion concerning the advantages and disadvantages of a live focus group versus an on-line focus group and an on-line discussion board.


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